“The WomenPaintersRoom was founded in December 2019 by Kathrin Landa. Landa has already proven her talent for networking with the Women Painters‘ Network Berlin-Leipzig, which she initiated in 2015. Now the spot is on the WomenPaintersRoom, which comes with a great promise: This small but excellent showroom in Kreuzberg offers women painters from all over the world a platform to showcase their works. The Women Painters‘ Network Berlin-Leipzig met with a broad response in the art scene within just a few years – in 2019, the renowned Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig even hosted a major special exhibition of the collective. Maybe a good omen for the new WomenPaintersRoom. At the moment, the platform is still small, but oh my. But let’s wait and see what next year‘s Berlin Art Week will bring. Maybe – hopefully – by then, everyone among those, who will come to Berlin to find out in which direction contemporary art is going, will already be talking about Kathrin’s wonderful initiative.” 

Johanniterstraße 10
10961 Berlin