show no. 7

Katharina Ziemke

The Storm Series
15.06.2024, 6-9 pm

Katharina Ziemke - The Storm Series

It is with great pleasure WPR presents the work of the painter and video artist Katharina Ziemke. Born 1979 in Kiel and currently working in Berlin, Ziemke is recognised internationally for her artistic exploration of our society’s interrelations with the environment in the in the face of the climate crisis.
At WPR the artist will show paintings from her storm series (2019 - ongoing, oil on canvas /watercolour on canvas/ coloured ink on rice paper).
Roam intensively coloured landscapes, confront turbulent skies, and face the silent yet potent eye of the storm! Benefiting from the medium's capacity to convey intense, emotive colour and texture, the artworks painted in oils or ink on rice paper capture the sublime beauty and destructive force of the tempest. Each canvas is a portrayal of a particular storm, a mirror to the tensions between the global North and South, focusing attention on the environmental crisis that has become intrinsic to our shared reality.

Johanniterstraße 10
10961 Berlin